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22-04-2006, 12:55 AM
I've got golf IV SE 1.6 petrol and would like to change my rear brake disks and pads. I've never done it before. Has anyone got a link to some web page or a pdf file with good instructions with pictures and required tools.

19-10-2006, 07:38 PM
I recently had to do my brakes, and found it not as easy as your usual brakes!
If you already have new pads, you may notice a small bolt included in the pack, with a blob of what looks like paint. MAKE SURE YOU USE THESE BOLTS WHEN FITTING THE PADS AS THE BLOB OF PAINT IS IN FACT THREAD LOCKING COMPOUND!
Removing your pads is a doddle, but once removed, you'll need to wind out the piston back into the caliper so that the new pads will fit in. There is a special tool that is designed for this, luckily for me my mechanic cousin lent me his. Alternatively, you could use a pair of long nosed pliers, but it is far easier with the right tool. The biggest pain I had was the screw that retains the disk in place had rounded off, but that was my own fault, I had to drill it out and buy a new screw.
Other than that, if you have had a go at changing pads before its pretty straight forward, I will say make sure you give the caliper a good cleaning and concentrate on the slide guides (what the pads sit on) as my brakes were sticking on the one side and the reason was built up crap on these slides, stopping the pads from moving away from the disk, causing premature wear. Also remember to apply a smear of copper grease to the back of the pads, this will stop them squealing. Hope this helps.

19-10-2006, 08:04 PM
If you are going to do the job like Gary said buy the caliper piston wind back tool. You can get differant ends for it so you can use it on other vehicles.Trust me it makes the job a lot easier.
If you plan on doing more of you own maintance, invest in a manual. You might not find all the answers in it but it will help.

Good luck Boardboy

26-10-2006, 08:56 PM
id have to say after seeing so many bodged jobs done on the brakes, if you're not sure of how to do them, dont even try, its like working with gas at home, shouldnt be done unless its being done by the properly trained guy, if them brakes fail and you've done them yourself...well the rest is obvious, labour isnt that much on a disc & pad change, get it into a garage and have the peace of mind!

26-10-2006, 10:13 PM
Hi to all, a G clamp does it just as well and only cost a few quid from any hardware shop. I would advise any novice DIYer to get a good torque wrench and a workshop repair manual and torque the bolts to the specified values. Also a good set of sockets/wrenches will help a lot.