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15-03-2011, 09:25 PM

what does this mean?

1 Fault Found:
004160 - Supply Voltage A for Injectors: Circuit Malfunction
P1040 - 006 - Short to Plus - Intermittent
Freeze Frame:
Fault Status: 00100001
Fault Priority: 4
Fault Frequency: 1
Reset counter: 38
Mileage: 0 km
Time Indication: 0

Freeze Frame:
RPM: 1888 /min
Torque: 376.0 Nm
Speed: 86.0 km/h
Battery Volts: 133.5 V
Battery Volts: 150.5 V
Battery Volts: 138.5 V
Battery Volts: 133.5 V

How can I tell which injector is causing the problem and is there any other fault finding I can do with vcds to confirm the defective component?

many thanks

15-03-2011, 09:55 PM
First, you did not tell us what car we're trying to help with. We need to know that to have a clue here.

Second, a complete autoscan would help us to know what is in the car and what part numbers we are working with.

Third, have you tried clearing the intermittent code? Do you understand that an intermittment code means it was set at some point but that the code was not present at the time of the scan?

Last, the only way to know where supply voltage A comes from is to go the wiring diagrams for the car. Then you trace the supply voltage to the injectors effected.

You didn't tell us if the car was actually having a problem. If the injectors are not working properly, surely you would have a power stumble or something that would indicate you have a real problem. Do you? If not, clear the code and see if it comes back.

15-03-2011, 10:02 PM
As I said elsewhere, you will not know which injector it is until it quits completely. The only options at the moment are to run it until it stops and then pull each plug one by one until it runs, or replace all four injectors at around 500 each plus fitting.

15-03-2011, 10:13 PM
thanks Crasher and sorry Bruce for not posting more detail.

I posted in the B7 forum too but thought this might be the best place to get help.

a4 B7 tdi quattro. basically the car cut out on the dual carriageway today. Its the first time it has done it, so I ran a check of codes tonight.

From the forums I suspected an injector anyway, but I could not work out from the codes which injector it is.

So, I need to wait for failure before I know which one? I thought maybe I could look at the flow rates of each injector or something and see if one is playing up.

I have saved the fault codes and cleared them, time will tell if the problem comes back.

thanks both for your help

15-03-2011, 10:43 PM
If you look here... https://sites.google.com/site/1810martin/siemens-pd-piezo-injectors
it explains why you have to wait for failure to identify the faulty injector.

05-04-2011, 01:05 PM

I had the same problem on my Audi A4, 2.0 tdi E8/B7 170 HP. Thanks to the description found in this forum the failing injector was identified replaced. :D

The car has been running nicely for aprox 1000 miles but yesterday yet another injector failed :zx11:

Same problem: injector is partly shorted to ground and ECU cuts power.

My question: Is the injectors driven directly by the ECU or is the any sort of stabilizing electronics in between? My worries is the injectors are given an over voltage and then fails due to e.g. some failing electronics.

Yet again perhaps all 4 will expire with in next few months having a lifetime of 70000 k?

On the last change I simply changed the injector following the work manual clear the codes and checked the measuring block for injector flow all seamed in perfect order.

Hope someone in the forum can clarify the above.

Below pls see the read out: ( pls note on voltage is higher on what turned out to be the failing injector)


2 Faults Found

004160 - Supply Voltage A for Injectors: Circuit Malfunction
P1040 - 006 - Short to Plus - Intermittent
Freeze Frame
Fault Status: 00100001
Fault Priority: 4
Fault Frequency: 2
Reset counter: 40
Mileage: 0 km
Time Indication: 0

Freeze Frame
RPM: 2112 /min
Torque: 128.0 Nm
Speed: 0.0 km/h
Battery Volts: 102.6 V
Battery Volts: 137.5 V
Battery Volts: 105.6 V
Battery Volts: 104.6 V

008518 - Supply Voltage for Fuel Injector Group A: Open Circuit
P2146 - 009 - Open or Short to Ground
Freeze Frame
Fault Status: 01000100
Fault Priority: 0
Fault Frequency: 53
Reset counter: 40
Mileage: 0 km
Time Indication: 0

Freeze Frame
RPM: 0 /min
Torque: 144.0 Nm
Speed: 0.0 km/h
Voltage: 12.09 V
Temperature: 39.0C
Bin. Bits: 00000111
(no units): 0.0

Readiness: N/A

05-04-2011, 01:26 PM
Some information about this is here.