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07-03-2011, 05:53 PM
Hi all, just given up my B8 Audi A4 Avant and looking for something a litle bigger. I drove a B6 passat for a couple of months and was impressed. Seriously looking at a higher spec new Passat or Superb instead, any feedback would be great, esp from seasoned VW drivers.



The Fingers
08-03-2011, 12:07 PM

Mine is not quite here yet (it is at the dealers awaiting delivery) see attached taken yesterday

I will let you know what i think compared to the B6 (3 years in a 2.0 tdi DSG SE) first impressions are it looks good and cant wait now

12-03-2011, 09:44 PM
Dropped by my local dealers yesterday and got talking with the salesman that sold me my 2010 B6 back in July. He'd got a B7 2.0 140 SE Manual.

So minutes later I was out driving it.

Sitting in the car the steering wheel and dash is the same as mine apart from the chrome around the vents, the clock and the repositioned handbrake switch.
Biggest change is the seats, the seat backs aren't too much different, the seat base is a little more angled but the new wings on the side were too wide to offer much support. I liked them but my wife didn't, I'd still want them in leather with heaters though.

Well according to whatcar as the B7 is basically a face lift the suspension and steering settings have been transfered over from the outgoing B6 so unsuprisingly it felt exactly the same as mine to drive. The same Euro5 2.0CR diesel 140PS engine was fitted to the car I drove so general performance and engine refinement felt very similar.
This was a manual car and mine is a DSG but 5th and 6th in the B7 are quite a bit taller than on my B6. This probably due to the B7's are all now Bluemotion Tech so will have taller 5th and 6th.

Only had a dual carraigeway run upto 60-70mph and the B7 was a little quieter than mine I think, maybe a combination of the taller gearing and extra sound proofing. Taller gearing does mean performance in 6th is quite a bit duller but I'd except that for the extra refinement and economy.

Didn't think about it until now but the stop/start didn't operate during my test drive.

I was actively listening and feeling for differences after driving the last of the B6's for the last 6 months, I doubt anyone without experience driving a 2010 B6 and 2011 B7 back to back would pick up any differences in the driving department. That's actually a good thing as they've managed to keep all the good points of the B6 and increase economy significantly and add a little more motorway refinement.

Overall I liked the car but think they could have done a bit more on the interior and on the bland rear of the car.

For the thread starter I do think the B6/B7 is a little more refined and better looking than the Superb but you get far more for your money with the Skoda. In this months WhatCar they have a group test between the Mondeo, B7 Passat and Superb. The rated the Mondeo 1st, Passat close 2nd and Superb close 3rd.
If it wasn't for the waiting list I would probably bought a superb last summer.