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22-02-2011, 07:57 PM
I would just like to draw your attention to item 19 in the "Forum Rules"

19. We have a very strong policy regarding any form of copyright , so, by joining and using this site, you agree not to post any copyrighted material unless the copyrighted material is owned by you. Although we do not and cannot review the messages posted and are not responsible for the content of any of these messages, we reserve the right to delete any message for any reason whatsoever. This includes all links to people selling copies or using the site to advertise there use, of, VAG COM, VAG CAN COMMANDER, ETKA, ETOS, ELSA, or ELSAWin, or anyother item, software, or publication. These publications are all copyright of the VAG Group or the respective owners. We also reserve the right to remove any pictures uploaded to the site, that are taken from any of the publications mentioned above. This does not mean that Legal versions of manuals, products or software are not available. This also applies to any other form of published or recorded works, we will not allow any form of piracy to be advertised, or allow the posting of any method to enable you to create pirate copies of the same. These will be removed without explanation and the user removed from the site database!

We have also had clarification for the legal department of Volkswagen UK that it is illegal to download any form of manuals from any torrent or file sharing sites, as it is a breach of there copyrights. Only Volkswagen Group Retailers and Repairers have authorisation to use these manuals, therefore, any manuals, either handbooks, workshop manual etc that are available to the public on these sites are illegal to download. Any links, uploads, or pictures that breach this copyright will be removed.

Members can subscribe to ERWIN on a day,week,month or year basic to use official workshop information. Volkswagen (https://erwin.volkswagen.de/erwin/showHome.do), Audi (https://erwin.audi.com/erwin/showHome.do), Seat (https://erwin.seat.com/erwin/showHome.do), Skoda (https://erwin.skoda-auto.cz/erwin/showHome.do)