View Full Version : Scirocco Headlamp Removal

Captain Answer
02-07-2007, 11:13 AM
Ok removing the screws is easy enough but what about the one on the inside edge of the lamp which is a stud and plastic clip? Do you compress the clip? I didn't want to try it and crack it :confused:

03-07-2007, 08:32 PM
The easiest way is to remove the entire headlamp/indicator assembly. Undo the 4 wiring plugs - main beam/dipped beam/sidelight/indicator.
Undo the 5 screws holding the assembly frame to the front panel.
Withdraw headlamp assembly.

Once out you'll see that each outer lamp is held in by 3 plastic adjuster plug/screws - use a pair of pliers to twist the bottom thru 90 degrees and the adjuster will pop out.

New adjusters can still be had from VW for about 2 each in the extremely likely case that you break one or more.

Head over to the forums at www.sciroccoregister.co.uk (http://www.sciroccoregister.co.uk) when you get time;)