View Full Version : New Mk 5 Jetta owner with a couple of queries

14-02-2011, 11:21 PM
Hi All former A4 owner & lately a Dodge Journey with the 2Ltr Vag unit owner I have now taken the plunge into a new 2011 Mk5 Jetta 1.6TDI SE. Last of the models at the dealers before the new ones arrived. Good deal ensued!! Anyway I have a couple of questions which I hope the forum can give me some advice with.

Firstly: the mirrors should they dip when selcting reverse or is this function only available with the rear sensor pack fitted?

Secondly: Door safety lights (Red) front & rear. My old A4 had these fitted, the Jetta seems to have them too but no lights come on! are they just reflectors there hasn't been a good enough day so far to get onto the bottom and remove a lens!!?



18-02-2011, 08:46 AM
1. It's not standard fit, I think it comes with the convenience pack (or whatever it's called).

2. You are correct, it's just reflectors as standard.