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14-02-2011, 11:20 PM
Having deserted VW when my 2002 Bora 1.9TDI 130 got to 6 years old, I'm now very interested in the new Jetta (April/May).

However, I was originally planning to order the 2.0TDI DSG - but am beginnng to get rather concerned :eek: about numerous poor reports on the reliability and maintenance costs of the DSG gearbox.

Aparently, the 6-speed DSG on the 2.0TDI is a 'wet' clutch system - with expensive oil change at 40,000 miles and prone to expensive mechatronic module failure out of warranty (VW not very helpful with this it seems :mad: ).

Can anyone with a current 2.0TDI DSG Jetta comment on their experiences and any reliability issues please?

Thanks in advance for any help :)

The Fingers
30-03-2011, 03:20 PM
Well not a jetta but a passat but same piece of kit........

Mine was in a 140 tdi (PD) 08 57 plate, had it 70000 miles and three years (just got rid today) Had the mechatronic unit replaced twice, and the whole box replaced at 56,000 miles all under waranty. I think they replaced the box as they could not figure out what was going on with it. It used to stall when going from drive to reverse or visa versa, it did this about 1 in every 40 times. It was also grabby into low gears. Still drove fine, still grabbed with new box although cured stalling. VW were great with me as i just mentioned things when in for a service, it went a bit like this.

Reported slight concerns at first service (20K) - software update

Still having issues second service(38K) - new mechatronic unit

third and final service at 55K - replacement mechadoodoo to updated unit, didnt work, ordered new box from Germany replaced 1000 miles later.

I must admit i was surprised when they changed the whole box as the issues were not bad enough for me to take it in out of service visit cycle.

Would i have another HELL YES they are amazing.

Now that all the 2.0 tdi units in VW are common rail the engine is a lot more refined and more suited to the DSG box, the old PDs were too harsh at turbo spool up time so could be a bit snatchy with too much gas in second and third. My new one is a manual, but having now driven the common rail i am starting to wish i had ordered with DSG again.

Mine was on a list that VW new about but await failer before doing anything so they were sort of expecting it.

My advice would be 100% get one you wont be disappointed.

If you are going NEW then no problem if your going USED route, make sure its been looked after and insist on driving it from cold for half an hour, giving it a good range of different driving, they find it hard to hide their issues so you should spot a problem if one is there. Your first drive you will find it hard to resist!!!!!

04-04-2011, 01:11 PM
Fingers is pretty much spot on, other than that the CR engine is not completely saintly.

I've had a new mechatronic unit in my 2.0 CR TDI Passat, but like him, the problem wasn't anywhere near bad enough for me to kick up a stink and I put up with it for two years before raising a problem at 1st service. The only complaint is the 9 week delay to get the part from Germany.

My Golf and also the wife's car both have DSG's and have been problem-free. It is much, much better than a conventional slush box auto, but I think that the Audi multitronic has the edge on it for smoothness.

There were massive problems when DSG first came out and lots of unhappy punters, particularly on Audi TT's. There is a huge thread on ukmkivs.net where you can read the tales of woe.

As Fingers says, buy a used DSG carefully, make sure it has had the (expensive) oil change & filter at 40k and you might like to think about an aftermarket warranty.