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30-11-2010, 04:10 PM
Hi all,

After being in VW exile for the last three years, I'm back with a Jetta. However, I'm a little confused about exactly what model I've bought.

It's on an 07 plate, and according to the V5, it's a Sport FSI 200. The rear badge says 2.0 FSI.
The sticker in the wheel well in the boot says 2.0TFSISportL1147 (which I understand to mean 147KW or 200HP)
The plastic engine cover says FSI Turbo.
Here's the painful bit, it was advertised as a TSI, which I now understand doesn't exist on an 07 plate. I know I should have done more research before buying but the car is gorgeous and I couldn't pass it by.

The only possible worry I've found is a faint hum in any gear, which I think might be a bearing, or simply just tyre noise.

Anyway, if anyone can sheld any light on the model mystery, I'd be very grateful. In anticipation of someone asking if I can see a turbo under the bonnet, the weather is too crap to be out there at the minute :-)

30-12-2010, 06:03 PM
If it came from a dealer and isn't what it said it is you have the right to challenge the sale and claim your money back. If it is a private sale....

If the hum is related to road speed it is tyres or in the output side of the gearbox/differential, if it varies with engine speed it is on the input side.