View Full Version : Steering Assist Basic Setting/Adaptation

09-11-2010, 12:21 PM
I am unable to sucessfully complete the above action. I am following the process listed in the ross-tech Wiki. Though, via VCDS I see displayed that the basic setting is 'done', I continue to have code 00778. During the steering limit stop adaptation, the column will rotate about 45 degrees to the right when the engine is switched off!
I have been searching here, and will continue to do so, but, if anybody has had a similar experience, please .....
I would like to understand what "end impact" is, it always reads "-44.8", is this why the column rotates?
This has come about after disconnecting the battery!
This is an early 5P model, registered in Dec 2004.

17-11-2010, 09:32 AM
It would appear that the combination of having a 'pre-existing' ABS system fault code and disconnecting the battery led to the situation of the steering-assist not 'allowing' its 'resetting' procedure to 'run'.

We fitted a new rear hub yesterday to sort the ABS ( sensor ring had corroded and 'crumbled'), steering 'came back to life' during a 'three-point turn' after doing the adaptations ( basic and limit stop ) !