View Full Version : VWAudi Forum - Additional Rules For "The Infraction System" - Please Read

28-02-2007, 09:34 PM

As the site has taken off over the last couple of months, I have been looking at ways to keep the standard of conduct to a level we could all be proud of. From looking at other sites, certain elements think it is OK to bring the forum down, and, like them we have a few on here.

We could monitor the site, and ban any user that breaks any of the rules, causes problems, or just messes about.

As I believe we are all adults, One of the features of the forum software, is the "Infraction system", or "Automatic Banning" system. This allows me to make certain rules, and give them a "points" value. Reach a certain number of "points".... you are banned! albeit for 10 days at a time for a majority of reasons.

At the moment, only the Administrator, and moderators can give this "Infraction" although I can, and may allow all members to do it, that way we all have an input on how the site is run.

These are the reasons the "Points" will be given: -

Signature Rule Violation ...... 1 Point each Instance......10 Day Ban

Member(s)Insulted Other....3 points each instance.... 10 Day Ban

Inappropriate Language, Pictures, Or Posts.... 3 points each instance... 10 Day Ban

Breach Of Forum Rules ..... 3 points each instance... 10 Day Ban

Insult To Forum Staff ..... 3 points each instance ..... 10 Day Ban

Taking Threads "Off Topic" On A Regular Basis..... 3 points each instance..... 10 Day Ban

Spammed Advertisements .... 10 points .... Total Ban

These are the initial reasons that we will issue points, although others may be added as, and when requires. Each member can get 7 points BEFORE the system gives the ban, in other words, 2 warnings, the third, BANNED! with the exception of SPAM, which is an instant, none removable ban. Each time a point or points are given, the member will receive an email or private message giving the reason.

In addition, any points given will be valid for 10 days, after which the count is reset to zero, or in the case of a ban, this is lifted, with the exception of "spam" or "gross breach of the rules" which involve a permanent ban.

I hope you will all agree that this will make the forum more respectable, and keep the element which we do not want in line. It gives everyone a second chance;)

In addition to this, I am looking at the "forum rules & regulations", and intend to make amendments to certain areas, to include this system. Until then, this post is to be read in conjunction with the main rules.