View Full Version : Seat Arosa Fuel Pump?

18-06-2007, 08:16 PM
My girlfriend drove her car to work as normal the other day but when she came out that evening the car would not start. Essentially as soon as you turn the key the engine actually fires but then dies instantly. The AA man who came suggested it may be the fuel pump but couldnt be certain. i went and checked it out the other day and could hear the pump kicking in as soon as you switch the ignition on. I would have assumed that if it was the pump it would not 'charge' the fuel system at all. there is plenty of fuel in the car. the car has been running perfectly until now. And i am reluctant to send it to a garage and be hit with a massive bill if it is something relativey simple

If anyone has any thoughts / experience of this i would be v grateful...

19-06-2007, 11:10 AM
pull coil lead out of dizzy & put it to owt metal under engine bay to see if you got a spark, hold with rubber handled pliers not your hand, & get sum 1 to turn the engine over