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29-09-2010, 10:06 AM

This is my first post so please be gentle :beerchug:

I am thinking of buying a 2007 2.0 TDI SE Jetta from a local main dealer, I had a drive at the weekend and had a look at the service manual.

It's 3 years old and has done 34000 miles so I would have assumed to see 3 stamps one for each year but It only has two, one at 17k and the other has just been done 31k i think.

The sales guy said that you could service it on 'long service intevals' if you were doing motorway mileage but if you were stop starting it should be done annually.

I'd just like to get this cleared up before going any further.



29-09-2010, 06:36 PM
It's obviously on extended "variable" service interval . It's better to have it changed to fixed interval if you intend to keep it for any great length of time. As it only covered about 34K miles in 3 years then the previous owner should have had it on fixed interval rather than the extended interval . It were my car I would re-set the interval to fixed interval and get the oil changes done every 10K mile regardless of annual mileage.

30-09-2010, 11:58 AM
i just wanted to check there is in fact a 'variable' service plan and not just some salesman talk.