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Angie Bromley
23-03-2006, 07:57 PM
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Hi all,

After having no central locking for 10 months on my 2001 Y-Reg Audi A3 I've finally got it fixed.

The central locking failed suddenly, with the key only working in the driver's door and all other doors having to be opened with the handle from the inside. The pump was making a noise as though trying to work, but after about 5 seconds gave up without opening the doors. Specialist Audi garage said it was probably a hole in one of the pipes, but we weren't sure and thought the pump was probably faulty (disconnecting the pipe from the pump, we could tell no air was coming through the pump at all).

Dealer price for new central locking pump was about 350. We tried to buy second hand one on ebay, through parts websites and breakers yards, and finally got hold of one from the local breakers. At 50 it was a bargain, with 30 days warranty to ensure it did work (the part number for anyone interested is 8DO 862 257 E, and we've been told the part number has to match exactly).

We checked to see if it would work straight away, just plugging in, but the alarm went off and key fob wouldn't work - it needed programming in. Audi dealer wanted to charge 100, but local garage specialising in VW & Audi fixed it today for 47. It needed programming so the key fob would work, but after 1/2 hour and 47 it's working perfectly.

Suggest anyone with same problem perserveres in hunt for a second hand unit and gets it fitted by a capable garage! Good luck.