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dire straits
16-09-2010, 07:47 PM
Hi, I'm new to Audi's and to this forum and looking for some help:1zhelp:.
My A6 appears to get stuck in third gear. When I start it in the morning my box works fine for about 3-5 minutes, then it changes down to third gear and the light(green arrow) in the sport mode pushbutton disappears. I guess its third since it has about 4000rpm at 60ish, it will not change back up whatever I try. However, the box has on a few occasions tried to change down unsuccesfully at a speed of about 55-60mph:aargh4:. I can use first gear manually but once selecting second or drive it goes into third.
Had a reading today coming up with fault code 0596 "short circuit between value wires", and 0513 "engine spped sender-g28 no signal":confused:, really not helping me much except realizing it might be an electrical problem, but there is a few wires to choose from! car has only done 125K miles and appears otherwise to be in good shape.

Thanks so much

01-12-2010, 04:09 AM
It seems like great help; if the eng. speed sensor is bad,or its wires shortcircuited together,like it is suggested,your auto trans computer would not know what to do; the factory programs it to go into "limp-home mode": third gear.
Looks like an easy fix. But for sure you have it figured out by now.