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10-09-2010, 02:59 PM
Hi All

New today and wanted to see if you guys can offer me any advice on an issue we are having with my wife's ToeRag.

The car is an 08 3l V6 Altitude with the top spec SatNav (sorry, not sure what the model number is).

About 12 months ago it started requiring the DVD in the drive the whole time you were using the Sat Nav rendering the CD player useless while in use.:mad:

We bought it brand new and when they handed over I think it was on v2 of the SatNav sw but they didn't supply us with the DVD as they said it had fallen out of the pack and they didn't have any spares, but they would order one and let us know. We never bothered picking it up and used the SatNav fine for about 12-18 months without issue.

Then it started playing up and I went and got a DVD hoping it might sort it, but it still needed it the whole time so I got them to get me the latest v which was v5 I think, and I upgraded it, but still it needs the DVD in the whole time you are using the SatNav.

It has been back in to VW and they checked it over and basically called me an @rse and said that this is normal behaviour and it has ALWAYS needed the DVD in to work. I asked them to explain how I had managed to use it for 18 months without even OWNING the DVD and they told me It wasn't possible and I was mistaken. I took offence at being called a liar and asked them to explain and they said they weren't calling me a liar but I must have been mistaken! I'm fairly certain that I wasn't mistaken about the fact that I didn't have the DVD in my possession and never have had.:rolleyes:

That aside, we were away last weekend and took out the DVD to play a CD and when the CD play button menu appeared the 'Insert SatNav DVD' message appeared on the screen and would not go away, meaning we couldn't access any of the on screen controls and only a complete shutdown of the car and restart resolved it.

Now call me a fool but I don't think that this is 'normal behaviour' in any form so am hoping that the combined knowledge on here can give me some ammo to go back in there this weekend and get them to sort it.

Sorry for the length of this as a first post but I wanted to make sure I got all the relevant info in there.



01-12-2010, 10:39 PM
Did you get it sorted in the end? Often a firmware upgrade sorts this kind of issue out.