View Full Version : Please Help Loss of Oil Pressure

07-09-2010, 02:30 PM
Hi All,

I had a sudden loss of oil pressure in my 1989 scirocco yesterday after getting stuck in a traffic jam. as soon as i noticed i pulled off the motorway and called the breakdown people out, are there any common causes for this?

i get good pressure on the move (2-3 bar) and its fine when the oil is cold, but once it heats up i lose all pressure if i'm not keeping the engine above 3000rpm

i have recently had the oil changed and its been given a new filter as well. 15w/40 mineral oil was used.

am i correct in thinking that pressure must be leaking somewhere? perhaps a blown HG or dying oil pump?

the sensors are fine, these werte changed for new ones as first port of call, but to no avail.

i can source a new engine for 135, might this be an easier route rather than trying to flog a dead horse? my engine has a hot cam and webber carb conversion so may just be in its death throes - a new engine may be a better solution, as i will be able to swap all of the ancilliaries over myself.

any sugestions much appreciated. its originally a 1781cc GU89 engine, although is fairly heavily modified.