View Full Version : steering problem

30-08-2010, 09:10 PM
hi all :beerchug: my 2006 seat cordoba is feeling a bit weird when driving would this be the cause? one of the front bushings the other one is the same http://lookpic.com/d2/i2/2646/j1ybOdRG.jpeg

24-09-2010, 01:25 PM

It could be, by weird do you feel the front of the car wandering from side to side especially when at speed or braking?

Check your tyres are any unevenly worn? Also with the car stopped and handbrake on kick each front tyre backwards towards the passengers is there any play?

Also if you have TCS does the warning light come on alot and stay on?

If it is your bushes better get them replaced sooner rather than later I had to replace all 4 tyres as well :(

Most tyre and exhuast places can replace them for you.(if you don't fancy a main dealer)