View Full Version : 1991 80 Quattro 2.0 wont run

16-08-2010, 10:03 PM
Recently got a good 80 Quattro in Tornado Red and after wiring in the radio all the dash dials and lights packed in. Put it into garage (local) and he fitted a new altrnator but this still did not cure the dials.
Removed the radio and replaced a fuse and hey presto the dials came back on, then the problem really started.

The car would not run properly i.e. would not take full throttle (cuts out) and idled very roughly so changed the fuel filter and it improved but still wouldnt idle properly and take full throttle.

Have changed the distributor cap and the rotor checked all hoses and replaced all clips with jubilee clips but to no avail.

Have noticed there is a wire off the Lambda Sensor but this was off ages ago and did not seem to affect the running at that time.

Noticed tonight that the Idle Air Control Valve would keep on clicking after the engine had stalled whilst idling.

Apart from changing these two items, is there anything else that I should try first.

All help would be appreciated.