View Full Version : Audi 80 2.6V6 Quattro Service Schedules & Manuals

David James
04-06-2007, 10:44 AM
Hi, can anyone help?

I drive an 80 2.6V6 Avant Quattro that has been absolutely reliable, fast and regularly returns 33-35 to the gallon. It has covered 168,000 miles and still uses no oil between services!

I am trying to get hold of a detailed service schedule as well as a manual for this model. The Haynes manuals only deal with the 2.0L models and the later A4 manuals I am not sure I can use. Can any member point me in the right direction for the the service schedules and a manual.

Many thanks

David James

05-06-2007, 11:04 PM
You should find some servicing data and lots of other info at www.12v.org (http://www.12v.org)

www.20v.org (http://www.20v.org) may be of more use for info on the brake hydraulics and quattro system.

the earlier b3 haynes manual will be limited in that it does not cover the avant body, quattro drivetrain or v6 engine. Still could be useful for some suspension, electrical, body, brakes etc info. The early A4 came with the same 2.6 engine, so if there is a manual that covers this engine..