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  1. Parking sensors and the reverse live wire (What colour)?
  2. A6 Xenon Upgrade ??? Want to replace my halogen units with xenons anyone know what is needed
  3. Anyone retrofit an Audi parking sensor setup?
  4. Parking sensors OEM
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  6. Audi ISO plug
  7. bluetooth module install help
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  9. Bluetooth microphone.
  10. 2009 Audi A3 1.9TDie Sat Nav & Cruise installer
  11. Why have 2 when you can have 3?
  12. Adding Multi Functioning Steering Wheel to A3 Cab
  13. Retro Fitting Cruise Control A3 Cabriolet
  14. 4 Motion wiring.
  15. Bluetooth module and cruise control
  16. B6 MFSW & MFD retrofit - small issues
  17. RNS e Drive replacement Comptibility problem
  18. Retrofit OEM front parking sensors on A6 (2011)
  19. Fog's
  20. Towbar
  21. AMI Retrofit
  22. Hids 35w or 55w?
  23. Interior change out
  24. Bit of a weird one, sunglasses holder for an audi a3 sportback
  25. A4 Fit Led Strip Lights in Headlights
  26. Steering Wheel swap is it possible A6 2005 3.2 FSI Quattro
  27. Touran 2011 bluetooth
  28. Fitting the automatic boot open / closure ?
  29. Hardwire 5 volt In-Car Camera
  30. fitting a6 mfsw to a3
  31. retrofit bt
  32. a couple of mods i would like on my B7 cabriolet help needed
  33. Help with identifying which navigation system my A4 has?
  34. Heated seat retrofit in VW Tiguan
  35. Audi A4 B6 multifunction steering wheel upgrade
  36. A4 looking for some one who can do retro fit for me
  37. Modern Bluetooth module, old car, no MFSW / radio control: it works!
  38. Upgrade MMI 3G low to 3G Plus
  39. Retrofit: VAG Bluetooth module in 08 Touran with RNS510
  40. help, cruise controll wont code up
  41. A3 2011 Bluetooth / Rns-e advice
  42. A4 B6 2.5 tdi 2004 Dis/cruise
  43. Retrofit rear view camera - VW Sharan 7N 2013 model
  44. navi RNS 510 losing satellites
  45. Rear view camera
  46. Retro fit OEM Reverse sensor! What is needed
  47. Vw golf mkv auto light and sensor from china - has anyone bought one?
  48. MMI Display auto brightness not working after Retrofitting
  49. Audi A6 2010 Estate 2.0TDI, Front Parking Sensors
  50. New member, new a6, headlight upgrade
  51. 3G PDC Module Question
  52. A6 4F Autodipping Mirror retrofit without folding door mirrors
  53. Audi 8V Sat nav SD cards
  54. 2010 A3 8PA - Concert 3 - BT retrofit (no mobile phone prep installed)
  55. A4 avant mulit function computer help!!
  56. RNS315 Parking Sensor Graphics
  57. Seat bluetooth module into Audi and vice versa?
  58. Golf mk5 rns 510 retrofit
  59. VW RNS-315 rear view camera wiring loom!
  60. DIS install on 2010 A3
  61. VW Phaeton 18 way seats memory module question
  62. Audi A6 2010 (4F) S-line drive modes & Retrofits?
  63. Can the old factory nokia cradle be converted to take an iPhone?
  64. A4 allroad sport Nav stronic
  65. Audi A3 2005-06 DIS
  66. MMI clock problem following retrofit
  67. Another mmi basic upgrade
  68. Audi S4 b6 b7 Cruise control Retrofit HELP
  69. A6 Avant 2013 Electric Boot Opener/closer
  70. Retrofit parking sensors and cruise control to my passat cc
  71. THB Bury Take and Talk
  72. Audi A4 B8 avant 3.0tdi mmi 2g - trying to install DAB radio..help required
  73. AMI Retro fitted but where can I put the unit
  74. A3 2006 DIS Retrofit
  75. Parking system advanced
  76. Mk6 Parking Sensors
  77. Mk5 Golf Bluetooth Foam Part number?
  78. RNS510 and 9w7 Bluetooth kit no power problem please help
  79. Can an armrest be fitted & sat nav to Golf 57plate
  80. Adding few things to my B6 A4
  81. Audi A4 Cruise Control
  82. Fitting leather interior to B8 A4 Avant
  83. Audi A3 TDi Quattro Black Edition - RNS-E
  84. adding dash cupholder to 2011 a3
  85. Changing BCM to retrofit fog lights?
  86. Audi A6 4F front PDC retrofit
  87. RNS510 adding bluetooth
  88. Retrofit Satnav + Parking Sensors to Touraeg?
  89. Rear view camera
  90. a4 b6 abs module will NOT code
  91. Has anyone hard wired a dash cam in an a6 ?
  92. Retrofit Front Fogs B6 RLine
  93. Replacement bulbs
  94. Can i retro fit a steering wheel from a MK3 Touran (2013) on my 2013 Touran?
  95. How to connect Samsung to Allroad C5 old school set up
  96. Problems Updating RNS-E Sat Nav
  97. Pre facelift Xenon headlights retrofit
  98. How do you wire a6 c6 facelift lights
  99. Sharan advice needed
  100. What do I need to fit a reversing camera?
  101. Audi A3 13 REG TSFI
  102. Facelift lights retrofit ??
  103. A6 C7 halogen to led retrofit
  104. Seat pockets
  105. Retrofit Lumbar Support on B9 Avant Sport
  106. Installing dashcam in mk5 Golf - need advice
  107. RNSE oem bluetooth Schematics
  108. Fitting passat armrest
  109. Rns-e to Audi a4 b7 problem connecting to vcds
  110. Bluetooth
  111. Passat b6 fog lights installation
  112. Vw passat b6 fog light installation
  113. Question
  114. MMI Update
  115. VW emblem reverse camera
  116. NO auxiliary input????
  117. Audi A3 Bluetooth Module Needs a Loving Home
  118. Bang and oulfsen upgrade A4 B9
  119. Q7 wheel arch flares
  120. Heated Seats - New A4 Allroad
  121. Seat Leon MFD
  122. Oem reverse camera retrofit tt 8s
  123. Audi A3 8v sat nav activation
  124. MIB II (Discover Media) - Passat B6 retrofit?
  125. Audi a1 8x 2010 3 door sport seats front & rear
  126. A4 B8 retro fit folding powered mirrors
  127. Audi MMI 3G High Map and software updates
  128. Cruise Control
  129. Whats the best bluetooth module for the RNS-E
  130. AUX in passat B6/3C with RCD300
  131. Rns 310 sat nav issues
  132. VW Caddy 2010 Key to remote conversion
  133. New High up! 90PS Cruise retrofit.
  134. TV Scirocco
  135. A6 C7 rear parking assistance retrofit
  136. Power assisted boot/tailgate 14 plate B7 Passat estate
  137. Mk6 steering wheel retro fit
  138. Cruise control Audi A4 b6 not working.
  139. B8 interiors , saloon VS avant?
  140. aux install
  141. VW Passat B5 1999 AFN TDI Cruise Control Retrofit
  142. Cruise Control on 03 Bora
  143. Add camera to park assist? Audi A6 C7 2013
  144. Seat change
  145. Retrofit outside door handle led help
  146. Power Folding Mirror HELP!
  147. A7 2015 - Power folding mirrors & Lane change assist
  148. Retrofit Company Recomendations
  149. Kufatec Bluetooth help
  150. Automatic Headlight Sensor mod for A3 (8P, Sportback)
  151. mfd how to get mph showing
  152. Passat b5.5 4 motion tdi rear shockers
  153. Retro fit to early mk6 golf
  154. Help getting software back
  155. Folding mirror door module
  156. Audi A6 C7 2012 Fitting Rear leds to a Se need wiring??
  157. Passat b8 Original speakers and amplifier
  158. Audi A6 C7 RS honeycomb grill
  159. Audi A6 C6 rear seat back
  160. Oil pressure sensor B7 2007 Passat TDI 2.0
  161. Retro fitter close to burmingham
  162. VW EOS RNS510 Telephone prep upgrade
  163. Polo 6R retrofit bluetooth module
  164. vw fox remote locking fitting help please
  165. Retrofit VW Touran 2007 2.0L TDI with 3C0 419 091 MFSW
  166. Retrofit cruise control Audi A6 wire to ECU
  167. Retrofit Golf Mk5 BLF parking sensors
  168. RCD510 bluetooth...
  169. Retrofit Rear View Camera to Audi A4 2017 B9
  170. Retrofit of GPS (Tech pack) to A6 c7
  171. Audi A4 B5 Cruise Control retrofit
  172. Replace Original Camera with Number Plate Light Camera
  173. AMI, need some clarity please
  174. Retrofit Active info display for standard cluster.
  175. Retrofit folding mirrors A6 C6
  176. Audi A7 Night Vision Retro Fit
  177. A1 parking sensor feed Facelift model
  178. mk6 golf cruise control retrofit
  179. Audi A4 B7 Steering Wheel.
  180. VW polo 6r rear power Windows retrofit
  181. MK 5 golf retrofit cruise control
  182. Fitting memory seats on A4 B9, both sides?
  183. Active Info Display Retrofit