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  3. "How to" change the battery in a key fob
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  6. "How To" Air con bypass - noisy unit
  7. "How To" understand bootlid badges, their meanings and their removal
  8. "How To" - Deal with rusted Thermostat Housing Bolts
  9. "How To" Drive by Wire VNT Repair
  10. "How To" access onboard diagnostic codes
  11. "How To" Replace Front Wheel Bearings!
  12. "How To" Remove Car Stickers
  13. "How To" Freshening your aircon system
  14. How to Change a front outer CV joint without removing the driveshaft
  15. Air Con Pipes (repairing)
  16. 1.9 PD TDI Oil Change with Pella
  17. Replacing DIS LCD
  18. This section is not for you to ASK how to do something
  19. Stop unplugging things!
  20. 'How To' Diagnose Cruise Control function with VCDS
  21. How to: Repair heated mirrors.
  22. Quicker oil change
  23. Oil & Filter change 2.0TDI
  24. How-to; 1.9 PD TDI (Passat, A4 & A6) Coolant temp sensor replacement.
  25. TDI Engine Temperatures (References)
  26. A Solution to the Jacking Problem
  27. How To Brake pipe FAQ and how-to
  28. How To Wheel bearing replacement (on car)
  29. How To Video: Cycling the N75 valve to diagnose turbo issues
  30. How To Rear axle beam removal B5 5.5 Passat, Audi A4 and Audi A6 of similar vintage
  31. Check CAT C or CAT D Insurance Write Off **Free**
  32. How To Intercooler hose clamps permanent fix
  33. How to replace an exhaust connector/clamp
  34. How To How to do a timing belt and water pump replacement on a common rail engine 2.0TDI