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  1. Question Strange wheel wobble
  2. MK3 1.6 Full Powerflow straight though system to swap for standard system
  3. Golf mK3, problems starting, not turning over till 3rd attempt or so
  4. Golf MK3 GT TDI Buyin Advice
  5. abs further probs anyone help??
  6. Question Loud Ticking
  7. Gearbox / Clutch Problem
  8. Will not start after rain
  9. 1.4 aex piston slap
  10. Question 1.6 AEE Front pipe (Hatchback)
  11. How To HOw to change the clutch cable on MK3 Golf?
  12. removing the cylinder head!!!
  13. strange electric fault(s) !!!
  14. Glowplug Relay Failure?
  15. Question Sill Trim in poor condition.
  16. Please Help Accelerator padel stuck and car revs up?
  17. First Posr Help High Emmisions
  18. Front end knock???
  19. Mk 3 Wiper stalk problem
  20. Question Idel RPM is high on Golf Mk3 1.8
  21. Question How to mark Flywheel @6Deg btdc?
  22. exhaust compatibility
  23. Golf TDI Mk3 (N plate 1996) central locking failure
  24. Starting Problem
  25. 1.4 Golf AEX Exhaust System
  26. Steering Wheel splines
  27. boot lock issue
  28. fuel consumption golf 1.8 adz 1996
  29. Question Idle Control Valve on AFT engine
  30. Please Help Engine not turning off and lights flashing on the dash
  31. does anyone know pcd of fabia vrs wheel
  32. seat cordoba over fuelling can you help ? maybe same as mk2/3 golf engine
  33. 93 Golf stalls when warm & clutch depressed
  34. will these wheels fit help asap please
  35. Mk3 Steering noise
  36. Dealer Fit Immobiliser
  37. carrera s wheels.
  38. electric issues
  39. Cabrio window regulator
  40. Please Help Mk3 Tdi can't select 3rd,4th or 5th gear!
  41. Sale/Break advice pls
  42. 1.8 auto GL or 1.9 TDI ?
  43. Throttle Issues while in gear
  44. Please Help 1995 gti mk3 door locks fault
  45. golf GL mk3 abs automatic 250
  46. Please Help Absolutely no go in my TDi :(
  47. mk 3 driver throttle cable
  48. Please Help Short engine or whole assembly?
  49. ABS & Airbag light on
  50. Not starting after rain?!
  51. stereo, eletric windows, cigs lighter :(
  52. Please Help enigine pipe missing
  53. Which exhaust system for a 16V?
  54. Voodoo electronics
  55. Anchor Bracket Snapped?
  56. Crank Angle Sensor Testing
  57. VR6 insurance
  58. How To Take off the door panel
  59. Please Help p reg golf keeps bleeping and losing coolant
  60. ABS light
  61. Please Help Flashing glow plug light no start
  62. MK3 Golf -MK2 16V axle swap.
  63. Question after new gasket and decoke/comp tests etc tickover lumpy
  64. Please Help No glow plug power - 1.9TDi
  65. 1994 Mk3 Golf 1.8cl wont start
  66. How Can I Make This Car Run Smoother
  67. tdi codes hard to start
  68. my vr6
  69. hiflow cat
  70. Strong smell of fuel from exhaust
  71. Please Help 1997 vw golf shifting issues
  72. Question 1.6AEE PCV Valve (Cleaning purposes)
  73. Please Help 93Golf Mk3 1.8 keeps shutting off when hot
  74. mk3 1.8 adz camshaft and brakes upgrade
  75. Just purchased a 1997 2.0L GTI 8v as a winter runaround and i have got a couple of issues
  76. So what does an alternator DO??
  77. Extremely urgent advice needed.
  78. 1.8 engine swop...
  79. Compression testing mk3 1.8
  80. Battery Keeps Dying - altornator problem?
  81. Please Help Please help, temperature gauge problem driving me mad
  82. Please Help Calling all Mk3 experts - electric window help needed
  83. Badly need help to change my CD player!
  84. Please Help Very unusual Mk3 Golf Electric window problem
  85. Please Help MK3 golf 1.9D more power?
  86. Please Help Car Keeps Stalling
  87. Please Help indicators
  88. Variation on door lock windows down
  89. tdi no go
  90. Golf Mk3 not starting, no fuel - ECU problem?
  91. Please Help starts fine early mornings but wont crank afternoons?!?!?
  92. Please Help vr6 eratic cold running
  93. ABS/Airbag light and stall
  94. Is it hard to replace an altenator? mk3 1.6
  95. Emissions Through The Roof!!
  96. Question My engine will just die when driving...
  97. Please Help Sunroof leak but no drain pipes??
  98. bulbs mk3 vr6 help please
  99. Please Help Alarm Problem
  100. Please Help 1.8 Vento Not Starting
  101. rear brake issue and front clicking
  102. Please Help Gearchanging: like stirring Porridge
  103. Question Oil consumption query
  104. Question 1.6 AEE Sump bolt/plug torque
  105. water in passenger foot well
  106. dash lights and cd player
  107. 1998 2.0l 8v Golf GTI will not start from cold
  108. Question How to trouble shoot an ignition coil
  109. New 2e motor knocking
  110. fault code help??
  111. Electric window problems, how are they wired
  112. Replacing diff TDi
  113. mk3 golf tdi clucth on the floor m reg
  114. 280mm Calipers look odd.
  115. Please Help MK3 Schematics for deadlock problem
  116. No Kickdown
  117. golf wheel studs??
  118. Mark 3 Golf Estate For Sale
  119. Question Oil pressure gauge
  120. What gearbox should my 1.9D have/no 5th gear?
  121. Please Help Fast idling when hot
  122. Compatible gearboxes with CTN?
  123. stalls when i rave the engine
  124. Please Help Door Lock not locking
  125. Please Help 1997 golf 2.0 gti antifreeze Q
  126. Please Help Electric Window conversion help
  127. Please Help Radio help
  128. Please Help Cabriolet Wiring Diagram - electrical issues
  129. Please Help Oil Leak Part ID Needed
  130. Question 1st Gear
  131. auto gearbox problem
  132. Fuel gauge not working
  133. Vag-Com Socket location
  134. Oil light flashes at low RPM
  135. Question Mk3 Golf GTi ECU's?
  136. Please help! Revs drop to 0 or engine stall when driving. Does not like warm starts
  137. Please Help Gear Box Gate
  138. Please Help 1999 Cabrio clocks - replacing
  139. Please Help Mk3 gti 2l 8v cutting out
  140. mk 3 gti
  141. Aftermarket Radio Installation on Mk3 Golf
  142. Help please: Hunting tickover
  143. Clutch pedal broken
  144. engine cuts out
  145. golf vr6 auxillary water pump
  146. Injector wiring help!
  147. 95 gti woes
  148. Starter Motor?
  149. Intermittent starting problem...
  150. Please Help spark plugs covered in oil!!!!!
  151. Looking for loan of coolant/combustion test kit
  152. golf 3 automtaic trouble
  153. Gearbox/ clutch oil problems
  154. Question 1.8 adz camshaft swap?
  155. Please Help golf mk3 1.8 se starting problem
  156. changing tappets
  157. manifold
  158. Please Help oil light flashing and rev counter stopped working
  159. Please Help Trying to change coil on my Golf
  160. 1996 Golf cabriolet electric roof prblem
  161. Question Mk 3 Golf VR6 project
  162. Mk3 GTi non start
  163. Does Anyone Know What An Engine Weighs?
  164. Please Help Morning start issues
  165. 1Z engine, 110bhp Injectors
  166. Question Throttle cable adjustment - 1.6 AEE
  167. Please Help Starter motor going by itself...
  168. Please Help Leaking PAS line
  169. Question Will it just polish out?
  170. something "rattling" at the back?
  171. got a vw golf and vento j-n haynes manual, does it cover my march 97 P reg golf
  172. creamy stuff build up in breeder pipe
  173. Engine Problem
  174. Headlamp and wing replacement
  175. Golf MK3 Radio cassette conector
  176. Golf mk 3 gti No spark
  177. Crank sensor query
  178. Strange Judder under Acceleration
  179. Please Help Whining noise coming from engine
  180. Please Help Best way to flush coolant??
  181. Air bag warning light after steering wheel removal
  182. mk3 offset???? e20 fit?
  183. Power Steering Pump
  184. Golf VR6 Steering Rack Hoses
  185. Which sparkplugs should I fit to my Mk3 16v
  186. Please Help 02 MK3 Cab info
  187. Air Conditioner information (cabrio)
  188. vibration/rattle on startup
  189. ignition fault??any ideas?
  190. Question mk3 GTi rear axle
  191. Please Help rust
  192. Please Help Radio Wire Diagram for Mk3 Golf
  193. Question Looking for Tuner ideas.
  194. Eratic idle on 1995 glof 1.4
  195. Question Sill cover strips
  196. Please Help Fuel pump/sender part number needed
  197. Question Dizzy
  198. cam belt change
  199. Slipped Timing Belt?
  200. AGG engine not starting
  201. Please Help Golf SE Mk3 Set Distributor Position / Ignition Timing
  202. Important Enthusiast wanted - If you're looking for a nice Gti..
  203. Lowering springs
  204. mk3 clutch problem
  205. Strange Rad Fan Motor Problem
  206. Exhaust heat shield
  207. opinons please on performance air filters
  208. Please Help Odd engine noise VR6
  209. Possibly a quick buck to be made?
  210. Golf 1.6 SE tickover issues
  211. inner cv boot joint question~?
  212. Tricky starter motor removal.
  213. Please Help 93 golf air/wiper problem
  214. Question Rear Disc brakes. Golf Gti 8v.
  215. Question operating engine temp
  216. Question Mk3 Fuel lines been cut
  217. Question Expansion Tank Cap - Easy one!
  218. Question why engine maintains its revs (for a 1-2 secs)after removing foot from gas pedal
  219. Question Caravan towing
  220. Please Help Golf MKIII Alarm Problems
  221. AEX enginge running on 3 cylinders
  222. Please Help 1.4 immobiliser?
  223. Question Gear Linkage Cables
  224. Catalytic Converter?????
  225. mk3 golf aft eng coolant temp sender change
  226. vw golf juddering when reaching 60mph
  227. Please Help Starter motor issues when warm
  228. Question part number for rocker cover breather pipe
  229. Question Can you tell what it is yet...
  230. Please Help 1997 Golf GTI 8V AGG intermitenetly cuts out
  231. Question Can I re-tap an alloy sump?
  232. Slight rear suspension problem !!
  233. Please Help boost issues on my mk3 golf tdi z1 engine
  234. Please Help GTI Enthusiasts - cheap and rare car
  235. Question K&N Induction Kit
  236. clutch change 1.9d
  237. TDI suddenly loses power.
  238. Question Mot advisory says slight play in arm of ball joint
  239. Golf mk3 fuel flap lockl
  240. Question Clutch cable woes
  241. miss fire and juddering at 3000rpm
  242. Please Help VW Golf MK3 Diagnostic Socket
  243. Question 1.6 CL, how much?
  244. Please Help Mk3 gearbox noisy after clutch change
  245. Question Coolant Sensor / HC Emissions Question
  246. Cabriolet Roof
  247. Please Help Engine speed sensor
  248. Question VR6 288mm front brake calipers....
  249. Question radio arieal
  250. Heavy clutch on Golf3 1.8 Driver with ABS engine.