VW Audi Forum is a subscriber to the "Hotmail Junk Mail Reporting Service" which notifies the site when a user of the HOTMAIL service reports any email received from a "" email address as junk/spam.

This email is in the form of a complaint report which the site has a strict policy, as shown in the link below, to DELETE ALL USER DATA FROM THE SITE, this will be done regardless of how long you have been a member, how many posts you have, how regular you visit or when you last logged in.

If the site received too many complaints the site is then blocked from sending emails to ALL Hotmail accounts not just the reporting user, and this takes months to sort out!

Please see the following:

ITEM 30 :

ALL new registrations will receive a welcome PM which also states the policy.

IF you do report this an get your account deleted, there is nothing stopping you joining again, BUT DO NOT ASK where you posts have gone, we will not adjust any post count to the level the old account had..

This policy may also apply to Outlook, MSN and Live email accounts.

YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED, DO NOT report the site as sending Spam/junk mail if you want your account to remain active, log into the "USERCP" and change the settings in there.

Thank you